1. PeyoteShort says:

    Under the circumstances, I think he’d be forgiven for skipping to the last chapter.

  2. langoleer says:

    I agree with peyote

  3. morosepoet says:

    i’m betting money that’s his journal and he just can’t remember writing it.( part of his punishment/’hell’)

  4. timothy says:

    I love the days like this when good information is revealed. It sure beats the two panel days (but I understand every day can’t be this exciting).

    Anybody who likes this comic should watch the first couple seasons of Lost :)

    • Chairman Goodchild says:

      I bet this comic would make a good television show. After all, The Walking Dead is the number one cable show right now.

      And this looks like a good setup for issue 100. I bet we’re in for a treat.

  5. Ting says:

    This is much better than Lost.

  6. Angie says:

    Ral’s pretty good at this drawing thing. That’s a nice fly right there.