1. PeyoteShort says:

    “You’re dead!”

    “Yeah, I just found out.”

  2. Grekus says:

    Doesn’t matter, had sex!

    I’ll be interested to see the next strip. Will he wake up unharmed a few days later, like the cat, interrupted only by a flashback or will there be something else?

  3. raggiodisole says:

    looks pretty dead now

  4. Langoleer says:

    will respawn in 10…9…8…

  5. Man, this thing is moving rapidly now. No sooner do you find out you’re a ghost, than somebody guts you…

    I’m really enjoying how this is progressing.

  6. RJ says:

    thank god for ter’s long fingers – vitally covering up some important anatomy in the fifth panel…
    really love this series, it’s a staple of my week!