1. raggiodisole says:

    I do believe that a can of whupass has just been opened

  2. Chairman Goodchild says:

    Aha! So after so long, Bet drops the bombshell to Ter, that they’re dead! Like I said before, she and Ter are the only real lucid ones in the apartment. Apart from maybe Bern, but he’s a real wild card. The truth is finally revealed, and Ter can start dealing with what (I’m sure) he’s suspected already.

    Oh yeah, he’ll have to deal with Vic first. Maybe Ter can just talk Vic down.

  3. Joel says:

    I did not see the ghost thing coming. I thought they were part of a “social experiment” or something. Well one thing’s for certain, if Ter isn’t dead now, he will be in a moment.

  4. HallB says:

    This is good stuff, haha!

  5. Aviv says:

    Well, I figured they’re dead, but Hell or Purgatory seemed like the only options. I forgot about ghosts! Ha I see now how page 33 foreshadows this. Niiiice.

  6. morosepoet says:

    i knew he was dead. but i guess i thought he already guessed that.

  7. brett caton says:

    I always thought it was a purgatory much like “Jacob’s Ladder”, i think the fact the clothes of the people are from different times gives it away. Of course it might just be a technological equivalent, with lost data causing incomplete memories.

    Now if he wasn’t a ghost before, here’s his chance to become one :P

  8. Tony says:

    I don’t think the game is up just yet, guys. Plus, the name of the comic should have clued you in to something… not their clothes.

  9. Schlunko says:

    I thought he was in a coma in an army hospital, and the other people in the apartment were the subliminal manifestations of the fractured parts of his psyche… And once he sorted them out he would wake up from the coma.

    Now I wonder what connection they all have to each other (or had to each other in life).

  10. brett caton says:

    Ah, but if the name is sufficient, then they’d be in Hell. Things are just not that bad; there’s no joy for the dead in Hell, but there are moments of happiness amongst the muck here. And the most happiness he had was when he gave to others, rather than just thinking of himself. Of course, that’s about to be followed by a lot of pain… but maybe he needs to let go of physical pleasures to escape the pain as well.

    I never thought much of a heaven that required celibacy of it’s dwellers but it’s certainly an important part of many belief systems that lust leads to woe.

  11. PeyoteShort says:

    Bet sure seems to know a lot about the place.

    Are there going to be any doors that Vic has not kicked in?

  12. A. Nuran says:

    It was pretty obvious from day 1 that this was an extended cut of “No Exit”
    Or as Marlowe’s Mephistopheles says “This is hell, nor am I out of it”

  13. Tony says:

    Brett – There is no hell, as Christians know of it, in Judaism. Abaddon is associated with Sheol, but… it is just a place people go when they die. Unless I have my theological stuffs mixed up again. Heck, the devil (notice the lowercase) in Judiasm isn’t a bad guy. He is a servant of G_d, who performs a necessary task.

  14. A. Nuran says:

    Tony – The theology depends on what period you’re talking about. Early on the belief was that when you died you went to Sheol, the grave. You were dead and in the dirt. God, his Staff and the occasional Prophet were in Heaven.

    Later Judaism evolved to a view where pretty much everyone got a portion in the (good) World of Truth. But before you got there you spent a certain amount of time in Gehennom getting your sins purged. Painfully and imaginatively purged. One of my favorites was for men who “defiled themselves”. They were boiled on their own yo-ho-ho or stabbed with semensicles.

    But eventually the dross was consumed and that which was of God returned to God.

  15. A. Nuran says:

    And yes, Satan is still an angel. He’s the Accuser, the Tester, sort of like the cosmic District Attorney. Kabbalah says he’s the most faithful of the angels and that we should admire his dedication but not do anything he suggests.