1. This comic is wonderfully sick.

  2. PeyoteShort says:

    Forget Bet. Make Batman!

  3. morosepoet says:

    interesting: she said ‘another sex doll’ so apparently no the first time this has happened? omg! it this like some sort of twisted litimus strip limbo where the same stuff keeps happening over and over again and bet is the only one aware of it?
    seriously love this comic! everytime i think i have the place figure out you keep me guessing!

  4. smurg says:

    this comic is so amazing. the comments sections should be filled with HUNDREDS of comments.

    I show this to everyone I know. thank you for giving the world such a delightfully fucked up piece of art <3

  5. Yuval says:

    This is really great!
    keep it up! haven’t read a good comic novel in a long time.

    good signing on Yum Kippur =)