1. Ian says:

    Man, it’s like these four people were perfectly selected to make each other’s lives a living hell at all times.

  2. Langoleer says:

    woooh, these personalities. I wonder why the good looking chick is able to remain calm, well now she is. I remember many pages back her telling Ter not to mess with her.

  3. Ecrof says:

    This is probably about to become revoltingly messy. I do hope the residence have a good wet-dry shop-vac in a closet somewhere.

  4. Schlunko says:

    “Chow Yum Fat’s”… Ha!!!

  5. Joel says:

    Well this will be awkward when Bet shows up.

  6. PeyoteShort says:

    Even when one of them is made out of Jello, Bet is the 1st and 2nd most popular person in the house.