1. Chairman Goodchild says:

    Vic is chewing on the key. That’s not a good sign…

  2. itzaviv says:

    Maybe it’s a chocolate key. That’s still great news – chocolate is delicious!

  3. You must be doing something right. This installment made me jealous on Ter’s behalf.

  4. Ecrof says:

    Seriously I just think Vic will eat anything… Either that or he has a propensity to keep the occupants distracted and off-balance enough to keep them from being in any way pragmatic.

  5. Sonic says:

    Ter, you dumbass! why would you give Vic the key??? he’s probably going to chow it down!

    • konudrakka says:

      hahaha, he never thought it was a chocolate… if it is, :)

      • Sonic says:

        1. if it was a real key, Ter is a nincompoop (especially since he comments that it might be important enough to get his silly ass out of that place!)
        2. if it was chocolate…Dammit, Ter, you should have gobbled it down!

        in conclusion: Ter has yarn for brains :-P

  6. Keller says:

    Awesome shit man.