1. Polver says:

    Just spent ten minutes clicking between this and page 3 to try and see if there was a difference. The big question is if the people in the room will remember him.

  2. Xine says:

    Thank you, Koren

    Koren Shadmi (@KorenShadmi)
    4/8/13, 9:58 AM
    The Abaddon ends today, 230 pages of comics, over two years of updates, and a lot of anguish for Ter, the protagonist abaddoncomic.com/page-1/

    • SR says:

      Awwww man, so it really is looping! Poor Ter.
      Thanks, Koren for bringing us this fascinating story. I quite enjoyed its weird twists and turns. Now I guess it’s up to the reader to imagine their own ending. This would make a cool video game, provided there was a definite ending or multiple endings built into the game.

    • Ryan says:

      Wow, has it really been two years?

      What have I been doing with my life?

  3. Marc says:

    The cycle begins anew

  4. Jeffrey C. says:

    Thank you for this fantastic web comic, Shadmi. It was a wild ride, from beginning to end. Hopefully we can see more of your personal work in the future.

  5. Tux says:

    Yeah, I enjoyed it immensely; followed it from about page 130 (after devouring the previous pages in one sitting). Thank you for this story.

  6. Riptorian says:

    Thank you very much for this story, it has been quite the adventure. If i could suggest one thing –> hyperlink page 229 to page 3 so it literally loops, then pressing next would just restart the story at chapter one.

  7. Marc says:

    This has been the best web comic I have read. I was lucky enough to discover it just last week, allowing me to read every page in a single sitting. Thank you for this story.

  8. Charityslave says:

    Absolutely entertaining. Well done Koren! Thanks for this beautifully drawn enigma!

  9. JohnL says:

    It’s been a great ride. Thanks for taking us along, Koren. I hope to see more creative works such as this from you in the future. Best of luck. Keep me posted, if you like.

  10. Mark says:

    This webcomic has torn my mind asunder in so many different directions. I don’t know what my wants versus my expectations are anymore, but the ride up to this point has been amazing.

  11. Skarjak says:

    I think that knowing when to end a story, and knowing what information to withhold from your audience are rare and valuable skills for an artist, especially in these days of endless sequels. You could have kept going with this and made it drag on but you opted to keep this story focused and mysterious, which is really great.

  12. Robert says:

    Thanks for the best comic I’ve ever read, I really hope to see more from you!

  13. langoleer says:

    good shit

  14. nils says:

    It’s been amazing, looking forward to whatever you do in the future!

  15. Camille says:

    I’m such a fan of your other comics – what a wonderful surprise to find out about this webcomic just yesterday! You are such a wonderful artist and story spinner. This was ironically inspiring. Thank you. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

  16. mr_pala says:

    Comments to date seems so sure that the comic has reached its end (insofar as a circle can be said to have an end).
    With that in mind, can anyone remind me whether there was any “PART 2″ (etc) to complement the “PART 1″ shown on page 2?

  17. Logan says:

    Excellent comic. I think maybe Koren originally had plans to flesh this storyline out a bit more, but writing largely for free doesn’t pay very well. Finding out his mum was bet and the rest of the interesting twists… this was meant to go somewhere else but Koren must be working on other things and this is good. I want to see some new, more optimistic fiction from him. But I do hope one day that he returns to this and resolves it.

    Terrence certainly has some work to do.

  18. Silenius says:

    I have to thank you too, Mr. Shadmi! This comic has kept me entertained for quite a some time. I love the colorscheme and the whole interieur.
    To Logan, and in general, I have to say, that iirc, the second part was financed by kickstarter. Mr. Shadmi originally had a goal of 2300$ or something around that number set and I thought to myself “Well, noone is going to pay that much, even if the first part was really brilliant!”. I didn’t pay myself. While reading the second part, I thought that I should have paid at least 10$, I am constantly spending this amount on books and other entertainment /art stuff. I was also wrong about the people, they payed more than Mr. Shadmi had set as limit.

    I will definetly be kickstarting the next comic and I hope I can buy a published version of the Abaddon at some time in the future.

  19. Yuval says:

    Thank you Koren! What a great comic! now – THE MOVIE! =)

  20. Tomatcha says:

    Been following this comic for ages but never commented. Just wanted to say it was a wonderful read and beautiful illustrated. Thanks.

  21. Chairman Goodchild says:

    A fantastic comic. I hated to see it end. We never did see the cycle completely play itself out to the end, just get right up until that point and stop. When Ter knocked on the door again, was it the same scene as the original, or had things changed? And why did the Landlord confuse Ter with Vic? How was Vic able to pursue Ter thru the apartments so easily? Did everything in all of the other apartments reset at the end as well? And what about the Buddhist talks Ter had with his girlfriend? Was this a Buddhist hell or a Judeo-Christian hell? I guess we’ll never know.
    I look forward to your new works, Koren Shadmi.

  22. Zach says:

    I enjoyed the comic tremendously, but from the get-go I had a feeling we’d ultimately be “Dark Towered.”

  23. Koren Shadmi says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. Thank you also for reading and giving this strange story a chance! hope to see you soon, hopefully in a better apartment building than The Abaddon!

  24. Trou says:

    This ending is kind of a shame.

    What happens about the flooding, is that just the landlord’s cycle where he has to constantly fix the leak?

    The diary is a bit annoying too. At some point the main character decided to write a diary but never again. After the initial writing he was just destined to find it every time.

    A bunch of tidbits that could easily be explained to be repetitive in nature but also suggest that some different actions happen during each cycle and ultimately we’re left without catharsis and without understanding.

    Great artwork though.

  25. john says:

    i want to believe…

  26. skwidmonster says:

    Remember the Summer in Abaddon.