1. zio Gil says:

    Given this man’s childhood passion, I guess the Abaddon is a magic a trick ;-)

  2. No-one says:

    I hope we get some actual answers. I’m still disappointed that the recent season of Haven ended with a bunch of stupid questions which didn’t even get a straight response. Please make Ter smarter than that.

  3. Fred says:

    Getting a really serious Morpheus/Neo from the Matrix vibe here. Everything from the shades to the style of chair, even the shots are framed similarly. I like it

  4. Joseph says:

    The next comic is going to consist entirely of them look at each other over their tea.

    • skwidmonster says:

      I imagined it would just be 3 panels; 1) The Landlord looking at Ter. 2) The Landlord taking another sip of his tea. 3) The Landlord putting his tea back on the saucer whilst looking at Ter.

      • john says:

        The next comic after that will be of the landlord putting his cup of tea down, putting his long boney fingers together, then looking at ter saying ; so.

  5. HAMAN says:

    that tea seems rather pinkish

  6. Xine says:

    Certainly this question will not be answered EVER