1. CM says:

    Oh, dear. I guess no one thought fast enough to try abdominal thrusts, or didn’t realize he was choking until it was too late? It also seems that his recollection of throwing up from nerves after his speech is a false memory.

  2. langoleer says:

    welp, there you have it. Now the audience knows, how does ter find out and what and how was he complete transition to the underworld. Or, is that the reason the guy asked for a box of chocolates

  3. Mr. Reader says:

    Oh man he ded

  4. Will says:

    happy valentines’ day i guess

  5. bookofblues says:

    I have followed the story from the beginning, and am more intrigued with each new installment. What an inglorious demise for our dear protagonist Ter!

  6. Jody says:

    Not buying it.

  7. Dustin Milner says:

    He can’t be dead O.o

  8. Spencer says:

    That might explain the head injury; however he’s still not in his suit, his injury is supposed to be wrapped up, and he doesn’t have the suitcase yet.

    • dissim says:

      It could be that he acquired those things in the abbadon and due to his amnesia from head injury he doesn’t remember acquiring them.

      • Spencer says:

        You can only exit a room the same way you came in. Even a hallway can be considered a room. So it’s reasonable that the way you enter the abbadon is the way you stay.