1. Jody says:

    Koren, you are a master of the “cliffhanger panel”.

  2. Mickey says:

    You’re making me excited for Mondays

  3. skwidmonster says:

    Suspeeeeeeeennnnnnse. 20 bucks says Monday starts another flashback just before the suitcase reveal.

  4. dissim says:

    ter is sneaking drugs into hell

  5. questforchicken says:

    I’ll laugh if it’s filled with that red goop.

  6. couchfort says:

    Bread pudding! Men have been KILLED for even a fraction of what Ter has there!

  7. Cara G says:

    Is the combination 162?

  8. Mr. Reader says:

    Its the shit from Pulp Fiction! OF COURSE

  9. Glenn-o-matic says:

    Its twinkies.

  10. Grave Danger says:

    Or is the combination 262…:)?