1. Dustin Milner says:

    Oh my god, PLEASE turn this in to some kind of The Matrix fan fiction…

  2. Dustin Milner says:

    “Pets are allowed inside the apartments. However owners are responsible for any damage caused to the building by their pets.”

    Still writhing over this one.

  3. Joseph says:

    The Landlord, I presume.

  4. nighthawker says:

    Knew it.

  5. Liliane says:

    Well. That’s a Wham Line if I ever saw one. Wonder what connection ghost-lady has to this fellow, and if we’ll ever see “the goods”.

  6. Jonathan Joestar says:

    Isn’t that the recruiter that got Ter to join the army?

  7. questforchicken says:

    Ha, the old Army Recruiter. Didn’t see that one coming.

  8. Charityslave says:

    Just stumbled on this brilliant graphic novel two hours ago. Koren, you are doing something special. Just the right amount of confusion and revelation. Beautifully drawn, great narrative and wonderfully abstract in all the right places. Thanks for a great ride.

  9. Lucas says:

    Korean, i must ask you. Did you started with the end already planned or it all came naturally?

  10. dissim says:

    what a slick dude!

  11. A. Nuran says:

    As I thought. Escape from your room changes nothing until the fundamental problem is solved. The question is, is this a Purgatory/Buddhist sort of Hell where karma eventually works itself out, a Christian Hell where it’s “Same S**t, Different Day” forever or a Bardol Thodol kinda place where you keep cycling through forever unless you reach Enlightenment and get to quit the game?

  12. Alan says:

    Ter has been reincarnated countless times