1. zio Gil says:

    An old character reappears!
    Now I don’t know if I’m either delighted or afraid.
    Ter is stronger now, though. I mean, he ‘s been doin’ a lot of push-ups, wasn’t he.

  2. Jabberwocky says:


  3. langoleer says:

    so the people in the original room learned to leave eh? Well, at least vic.

  4. langoleer says:

    also, with that said. Wonder why he is chasing Vic and not chasing the original guy who got away?

    • Cara G says:

      Langoleer, do you mean “chasing Ter” instead of “chasing Vic”? And the original guy who got away, I’m assuming you mean Ral? Ral who just “might” be Ter?

      • langoleer says:

        yes on first correction and yes on possibility of it being ter, buuuuuut if it was ter why didn’t he still chase him the first time?

  5. Cara G says:

    Are we building up to a big 200 panel? That would be a nice gift!

  6. Ryan says:

    Man this day just keeps getting weirder.