1. langoleer says:

    so sad ter. It’s not always spiritual. It’s almost like day dreaming in how it relaxes and recharges you. To each their own

  2. couchfort says:

    I fail to see the problem with her outfit of choice.

  3. Harrison Parker says:

    Started reading yesterday. This is insanely good!! I feel like he meeds to sped a bit more time in one room again cos i feel like we havent been getting a chance to get to know the newer characters.

  4. rba says:

    See Ter, this is where it starts. You should have been spiritual to start with – maybe then you would have ended up in a building with not crazy people!

  5. Cara G says:

    I absolutely love the segue between the last panel and this one. Perfection.

  6. Cara G says:

    I also now see upon re-reading that when he was in the room with his old army buddy and the real estate guy he had a flashback when his face was pushed into the fireplace, which was also full of smoke. Does smoke trigger the flashbacks?