1. Langolier says:

    i never have looked into this. I take it that if he doesn’t have his junk and gets aroused, it becomes pain instead of pleasure then?

  2. Jody says:

    How does one look into this, exactly?

    Good old Ter… “I should help him!”

    Has our boy learned nothing of this place? *sigh*

  3. Tony says:

    Maybe that is what sets him apart from everyone else in The Abbadon, Jody.

  4. deus_ex says:

    Why would a man ever agree to a deal like this?!?

  5. franx says:

    If I happened to come across a bunch of hot naked horny women coming on to a guy who isn’t into it, I’d try to “help him out” too.

  6. couchfort says:

    Sorry, but thems gals are cunts. Thats fucked up. Of course, if he really got his shit together, he’d remember he still has two working hand with all his fingers, and I’m sure the creative type could improvise a way to donk those girls. If ya ain’t got the right tool for the job, make one!