1. Shawn Davis says:

    Ok, so Bet is Betty Satin. That’s cleared up.

    But why is Ter so shocked by someone he hasn’t seen before? He couldn’t have possibly known Betty Satin in real life. Or is this a flashback at all?

  2. Aviv says:

    Maybe he’s her son…? If the baby survived, that is.

  3. Tony says:

    I don’t even…

  4. Skarjak says:

    I’m thinking that these might not fully be flashbacks. After all, why would Ter have been so obsessed with the Abaddon movie if he wasn’t aware of what happens in the “teal world”? I think he’s dreaming, and his dreams have a relation with his old life, but they’re not an exact recounting. This is his subconscious realizing he’s making up part of the story. Anyway, that’s my theory.

  5. Will says:

    Could still be before- after all he found the picture of the ghost-lady in the past, when his marine buddy gave it to him, and he’s now dead inside the Abaddon… But then apparently Abaddon-Bet is from ’68 while the movie was shot later and this is 15 years after that… curiouser and curioser. This comic is so good.

  6. Langolier says:

    How do i… hold all these tweeeests

  7. Dustin Milner says:

    I think his reaction is in the past, at the time he read the article. Though, not sure what part of the article made his eyes wide.

  8. Half Canadian says:

    So, he’s caught in porn limbo?

  9. Alms says:

    It seems more like Ter has always had this obsession with this ghost porn actress, and here he is learning that he will never get to meet her because she died giving childbirth. This to make the most sense to me as its simple, gives a good reason why he looks very upset in the last panel, and works with the storyline instead of insinuating crazy shenanigans in the plot line.

  10. jake says:

    Oh Oedipus.

  11. Cara G says:

    Omg, it makes sense now. Just re-reading. He told Lynn that his Mom died in childbirth and he never had any photos of her and all his Dad would say is that “she was a bad lady.” His eyes are widening at “Satin died while giving birth.”