1. Wood says:

    This is heavens ! Awkward heavens !

  2. Langolier says:

    and this is when he DOESN’T have sex or anything of that nature.

  3. Glennnnn says:

    I don’t know why they all look so shocked. This must happen a lot, only its usually a sack of dirty laundry.

  4. Paulina says:

    It is heavens! after all that he’s gone through!

  5. franx says:

    See, I probably wouldn’t have left that last place… My mistake!

  6. Thomas says:

    I love all the shapely and elegant lampshades … and if the men to match the ladies are here, we might find that we have a lot of angry men with opinions of people who sneak through ceilings.

    Gee that red goop gets everywhere and is everywhere. Much better to show red goop than clear water though … I admired the last page and the mesmerising swirls of the bathinggoop.

  7. Jabberwocky says:

    I didn’t think I’d be saying this when I read the previous page, but good choice Ter!

  8. brett caton says:

    And he was happy ever after…

  9. Mr. Reader says:

    Is that wall covered in doorknobs or pipebombs?

  10. Joseph says:

    I had a dream like this once.

  11. Pinkie Pie Pastry says:

    I think it’s arty Ecto beer. :D

  12. Stoney Mahoney says:

    A man going through hell* and we’re more interested in the decor… what has Ikea done to the collective consciousness? xD


  13. Shawn Davis says:

    Dear diary: Jackpot.