1. Dustin says:

    Quick, hit your head on something!!!

  2. Peyote Short says:

    Huh. They otherwise seem like very nice people.

  3. Langolier says:

    run out the window or eat something then attempt to leave.

  4. Tara says:

    There’s the chimney though.

  5. Thomas S says:

    @ Langolier – yes, it is like a walk through text based game where you try various interactions to get through the gamescape. This so remind’s me of the Cube, of Delicatessan and of Leisure Suit Larry. Where to now, our gravity affected hero asks, as he plummits down a laundry chute. What would lie at the bottom? Where do those insects live, and where do freshly launderd clothes arrive once they are washed?

    Stay tune, faithful audience, and find out where and how our hapless adventurer escapes to next.