1. Tony says:


  2. Fred says:

    L O L @ “Two cocks up” hahahahahaha

  3. Langolier says:

    oh man, and heeeeeeeeeeeere we go

  4. kellytindall says:

    The plot thickens, like an aroused member.

  5. Will says:

    AHH amazing! Until this point, I’d assumed these were flashbacks. But now I’m not so sure what is a dream, what is a memory, and what is now…

  6. brett caton says:

    I totally did not see this coming. Also, that’s quite a garage sale she could have!

  7. Dustin says:


  8. skwidmonster says:


  9. Joseph Piatt says:

    “I’m going to need a VCR, fifty boxes of tissue, and some privacy.”