1. Will says:

    That’s a big increase in muscle mass for ya

  2. Aviv says:

    I can safely say I didn’t see this coming.

  3. Peyote Short says:

    The sweat band is a big improvement over the bandage. Looks good on him.

  4. brett caton says:

    I’m wondering if the extra muscle is symbolic of the inner strength he’s gained through some measure of awareness.

    Perhaps, when he is enlightened, he won’t need stairs and lifts. He just won’t be there any more. But now, in small ways, the physics of that world are flexing to his will.

    • Chairman Goodchild says:

      Interesting idea. This afterlife tends to cleave more towards Buddhist thinking than Judaic/Christian/Islamic thinking. At least I think so.

      If Ter is in a Buddhist hell, then his desires have weighed him down to this level, and this story is a progression of confronting and overcoming base desires on his path to enlightenment. If he’s been damned by the god Yahweh, then he’s damned forever, and nothing he can do for himself can ever change anything for all eternity.

  5. rba says:

    Didn’t think of that, Brett, but that’s a great thought.

    As the plot gets deeper, I begin to wonder how much Koren had this mapped out…

  6. Dustin says:

    Flashback next.