1. Dustin says:

    Lou’s going to kill her.

  2. brett caton says:

    I reckon Lou will recover some of his strength by trying to save her. It’s his will that defines his body here. And so Ter has helped (and perhaps been helped), even if no-one meant to do that.

    MY theory is that the souls have to recover their memories and make sense of their lives to be free. They have to escape bad habits they had while living; the things that hold them back, like narcissism, wrath, and obsessively adoring someone who just isn’t interested.

    I suspect sex just ain’t a part of heaven :P

    Love might be tho. So is compassion and generosity. Forcing someone to meet your needs against their will? That’s holding her back.

    So what’s holding Ter? The fact he can’t forgive himself for what he did as a soldier? I suspect it’s something darker, and that the girl did have concussion and he should have focused on that and not his desires.

  3. I somehow think this is not the kast we’ll see of Gi.

  4. Thomas S says:

    I am thinking of Delicatessen, mostly because of the ugly characters through the place, the up and down stories in that particular place …. and the sense of being no-where in particular but a place of endless waiting – a purgatory