1. Nestor says:

    Hmm, if he was 185lb before then he wasn’t that light to start with, that’s like 90kg+ I guess he’s tall so that makes him skinny. The question is how big is she if she still dwarfs him at 100kg :)

    Well at least if he puts on some weight he’ll stop getting beaten around so much by huge dudes.

  2. Deg says:

    Not a motivational prize I would want.

  3. Langoleer says:

    How horrifying

  4. Boy, Ter is a busy bee is this comic…

  5. Joel says:

    Why does it look like she’s biting his face off? XD

  6. Tony says:

    I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed for eating crackers.

  7. zio Gil says:

    Eugh to the prize but thumbs up for Ter’s new shape. The guy’s up to something.

  8. Thomas S says:

    christ-on-a-stick … thats no prize I ever want to win …

  9. Tony says:

    Live a little.

  10. Charityslave says:

    R. Crumb’s dream girl!