1. Langoleer says:

    passed right on out. dehydrated.

  2. Thomas S says:

    A big change in pallet … the greens pinks now brown tans … and no, I have no idea what this new change in circumstance means – its’ clearly not the feelings he has when snuggled up to a body building woman who would snap him in an accidental sneeze – maybe that’s the connection here, in a gym …

    • Koren Shadmi says:

      I would imagine that at this point, having read part 1- you realize that the warm palette means flashback, or a scene from a different time period in Ter’s life.

  3. Will says:

    Agree with Thomas, pallet change is nice and subtle as a divider. That first panel could almost be from inside the Abaddon- sickly pink readout all over it- but the rest are so clearly different. Did you choose sepia to reflect the past generally, or is it an emphasis on the brown giving it a kind of retro, 70s look?