1. Josef Hölzkupfer says:

    I’ve never actually met a female bodybuilder. I get the impression it might scare the shit out of me. Actually, male or female, they already scare the shit out of me.

  2. brett caton says:

    Fear the ‘Roid Rage wraith’s wrath!

  3. Thomas S says:

    I think we see a bit more of that pink goo that is just mesmerizingly perplexing. I’ve met body builders, and the cult of the body really gets people going – they are scary and you gotta respect their effort they put into their temple of their own body.

    I did not think of the association before this, but this crazy place reminded me a little of that wonderfully perplexing movie ‘Delicatessan’ where crazy lonely and affected people were living in a multi-story old world house and a little of the thriller ‘Cube’ where people were without reason or understanding placed in a maze that they needed to try and find their way out of …