1. Joseph says:

    Really, what kind of person *wouldn’t* keep a madman by their fireplace?

  2. skwidmonster says:

    Hope he still has that picture of the dude’s ghost girlfriend.

  3. brett caton says:

    Is the form in a language like Arabic, or is the point more that he can’t read it? I noticed that’s one way to check if i’m dreaming.

    • skwidmonster says:

      That’s exactly what i heard, too. Something about the dreaming part and the reading part not being connected or something. Although I will be very unhappy if the resolution of this story is “And it turned out he was dreaming the whole time. The end!”

  4. Tony says:

    Me thinks more along the lines of Hebrew.

  5. A. Nuran says:

    I’m thinking Enochian.