1. Joe says:

    Ughhh…. the SUSPENSE! :-(

  2. Peyote Short says:

    This is the only web comic I’m reading where I keep looking back at the first pages as the plot unfolds.

  3. asdf says:

    Inb4 he knocks the door, and is opened from the other side.

  4. skwidmonster says:

    I bet Shadmi can hold out on the actual opening attempt until next Thursday. At the very least.

  5. Typhon says:

    I bet the next two updates will be flashbacks.


  6. Chairman Goodchild says:

    The next Leap could be the Leap Home.

  7. Joseph says:

    Oh, come on, guys, he’s going to get slimed before he can do anything, and that’s going to, in some way, prevent his exit.

  8. WrightBrain says:

    @Chariman Goodchild. LOL!!! Oh boy!

  9. tez says:

    This is killing me. OPEN THE DOOR ALREADY

  10. Langoleer says:

    It’s going to be a chapter update, the next one.

  11. skwidmonster says:

    No, i figured it out. Vic wakes up, knocks him out, and the next post is another blackout.