1. Aviv says:

    That was weird. Not unlike everything else that has happened, but still weird.

  2. Typhon says:

    Theory :
    This red substance is made from flesh.


  3. Peyote Short says:

    I once knocked out an access plug on a sewer pipe that did the same thing.

  4. brett caton says:

    I like the way Bet seems to be the pink goop gushing out … ectoplasm?

    I feel sad for her but i wonder if i would have had as much sympathy if i didn’t find her attractive. She was pretty selfish. Maybe to leave you have to let go of that?

  5. I just recently discover your comic. I have to say, it is probably my favorite active webcomic right now! Read through the whole thing in one sitting. Keep up the great work.

  6. skwidmonster says:

    Sooooo… it’s an intercom or speaker of some sort… connected to the plumbing? Hmmm…

    I’m trying to think of a substance that is solid enough to mold (Nor says its the best medium he’s ever worked with), but liquid enough to spread like that. Can’t think of anything, so it’s probably some sort of synthetic substance?

  7. RJ says:


  8. Glennnn says:

    At least the sound has stopped. The substance is imaginary. It might connect them to the sound, which might also be imaginary. Maybe the only thing that’s real is his desire to leave, maybe not.