1. Koren Shadmi says:

    Note: no typos on this page.

  2. Typhon says:

    A useful note.


  3. Will says:

    Ah i begin to see a plot-point!

  4. Daniel says:

    He’s almost out! The suspense is thick.

  5. skwidmonster says:

    Theories so far;

    Ral never left, he is stuck in the walls since “leaving” and makes creepy breathing noises every time a sexual situation arises between Bet and Ter. See p. 23- “That hasn’t really gotten him anywhere.”

    Ter is Ral, but due to his head injury, every time he “leaves” the Abbadon, he regresses and invents a new name for himself due to not being able to remember his own. It’s been going on so long everyone humors him by calling him by his new alias. This is supported by Bet calling him Ral and the reference to the suit and suitcase, the exact dress of Ter. Also, p. 23 quote.

    The Abbadon is a physical projection of Ter’s psyche, each roommate representing a piece of his subconscious. Bet is his sexuality and carnal desire. Sexuality represented by a memory manifestation of his marine friend’s ghost girlfriend. Nor is his tentative and broken superego, unable to control the other parts of his mind. Shel is his ego; relatively sane, but constantly being pushed over the edge by the Id (Vic, obviously). His sexual desires fuel the prominence of the Id and Ego in his mind, causing his Superego to lose control. Ral represents the balanced mind he wishes he had. Bern is his gluttonous human nature.

    Everybody is dead and living in a kind of afterworld/limbo a la Dead Like Me. Bet died in the 60s or so judging from from her dress and speech. Nor came from the future judging from his dress and hairstyle. The other two are harder to place. Ter is our most recent dead tenant.

    That’s really all I got. Just wanted to throw these out there before we watch Ter leave (or attempt to, at least).

  6. Shi says:

    got the same idea, Ral stuck in the vent
    oooh it would be soo creepy

  7. gristle says:

    what i don’t understand is why he thinks having his suit and suitcase will get him through the door this time, he’s already tried that. on page 20 he appeared to have everything with him and was on his way out when-nothing. unless i’m missing some crucial element

  8. Typhon says:

    Yes, there is a crucial element which we don’t know yet, because we weren’t shown the explanation that Ter read, only his reaction to it.