1. Puzzled says:

    Why is Bet referring to herself in teh theird person?

  2. Andy says:

    Who was raping the goo sculpture? Bet?

  3. levantine says:

    Just a note on dialogue, in the fifth word bubble did you mean to say “that SHEL was raping.”?

  4. Langoleer says:

    dat ass.

  5. Typhon says:

    She says that Bet was raping a goo sculpture of her, but she’s Bet. And Shel was the one who fucked the goo sculpture.

    Now I’m confused. Genuine mistake or twist in the making ?


  6. icarus says:

    this was amazing but how does it end my friend? this cant be all of it :o ?

  7. David Hess says:

    The only leaving has to be true death… oblivion… nothingness

  8. ben says:


  9. rhia says:

    this is my favourite comic of all time and it’s not even finished yet. kudos.

  10. LF DeBell says:

    in response to ben:
    It’s good because it takes it’s self seriously and actually treats the free web comic medium a place to tell a provocative story, we readers should all be grateful

  11. Phil says:

    NOK NOK … I laughed so hard at this, and it is so in-style with the characters names. Great work!